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If you’re so inclined, you can turn Markdown into a Word file… All of this means that if you build a web-clipping system based on Markdown, you’re guaranteed a Spotlight-indexed (on a Mac), UNIX-searchable, easy to maintain and totally portable solution for storing information. It’s a tool that goes in the opposite direction, turning HTML into Markdown. The Preview as HTML option will actually do the Markdown conversion, and then convert back to HTML, giving you very clean source code that won’t cause issues when pasted elsewhere. I know how many people were here, what browsers and platform they were using, and that’s about all. I’ll eventually get around to adding a means for voluntary submission of sites that work and sites that don’t for the improvement of the app, but right now… You can spend all day messing around with XSL sheets and Pandoc tricks, but Markdownify is the hammer that smashes HTML into line.